SoulMagic: Animate WordPress with HTML for WordPress

Animate WP with HTML.

SoulMagic's friendly HTML syntax makes it easy to design responsive, high-performance animations without needing to know JavaScript.

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Animations on the web can be tough to get right. Some look tacky. Others are well-intentioned, just late.

SoulMagic addresses some of the most common issues with accessing and managing animatinos in WordPress.

Ditch the delays

Get instant access to your code.

Waiting for a settings panel or admin screen to load can be excruciating, especially if you’re making small, incremental tweaks to your CSS.

Mobius pops up in the front-end of your site, so you can make (and save) changes almost instantly.


Centralize CSS

Keep your styles in one place.

Having a ‘single source of truth’ for your site’s CSS is important, but WordPress themes and page-builders don’t exactly encourage you to centralize your CSS: they all have an input for you (or several).

With Mobius, there’s no more ‘where did I put those styles again;’ your CSS is there when you need it, and useful outline panel makes it easy to navigate larger files.