Professional layout and animation tools for Beaver Builder and WordPress.

Soul Plugins bring the expressiveness and portability of HTML to the art of WordPress page-building. Build a library of responsive components, strengthen your portfolio, and learn to leverage code.

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Meet SoulSections for Beaver Builder

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SoulSections accelerates the design process while it teaches you how to fold coding into your workflow. It'll help you learn professional techniques and ship more consistent work.

Meet SoulMagic

Professional animation design that brings your layouts to life.

Break free of boring, uneditable fade effects and compose agency-quality animations anywhere you can place HTML.

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The DIY problem

‘Do it yourself’ design doesn’t always end well.

Most page-builder workflows have you starting from a blank canvas with a few dozen modules that you can use to stitch a website together.

While this makes it ‘easy to build your own website without coding,’ the results of cobbling all these pieces together are often visually inconsistent and feel amateurish. Not terrible, but not something that you're proud of showing off in a portfolio. And it all takes time.

It'd be nice if you could instantly take better-designed pieces and just drop them into your builds.

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