Build Your Own Features

When you work with code, you don’t need to wait for page-builders to add useful features to their framework.

Parallax effects made easy.

Build your own as-scroll (parallax) effects in Beaver Builder. See some parallax effects that you might not be used to seeing (rotation, scale) and fine-tune to get just the right vibe.


SoulSections isn’t just an editor, it’s a tool for learning how to get more comfortable with coding.

Animate Anything

Professional animations need professional tools. In this video, watch as Dave Bloom animates a handful of Beaver Builder modules with SoulMagic2’s new ‘formless’ syntax, giving you maximum flexibility and tweakability inside the page-builder.

Custom Queries

Quickly spin up custom post grids with SoulSections‘ dynamic query options.

Responsive Components

Watch how easy SoulSections makes it to draw up a responsive layout with a few keystrokes.