Write and sell nonfiction, one idea at a time.

Instead of spending months drafting, editing, finalizing, and promoting an entire nonfiction book, start by publishing a few valuable micro-insights on your own subchapters.co site.

Get your great ideas out into the world, build a following, then add more content (and bump your prices) at your own pace.

Doing the math

Books don’t have to be looong. They just need to be published.

Refactoring UI is one of the most successful nonfiction books on web design, selling over 20,000 copies (over $2 million in revenue).

Refactoring UI has 50 subchapters: all fantastic ideas about how to improve your web designs. It sells for $99. That’s roughly $2 per subchapter.

So if you have 10 fantastic, light-bulb-turning-on ideas about your own discipline, you can feasibly sell your collection for $20.