Stop avoiding code. Start leveraging it.

Responsive layout and animation components for Beaver Builder, built entirely in HTML. Compose beautiful layouts, sequence jaw-dropping animations, and learn to design with code.

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Just putting this out there

There’s a reason that a lot of page-built sites don't look so good.

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SoulSections 3 for Beaver Builder

From DIY to DFY (done for you)

Negotiating dozens of modules and tools can produce inconsistent, chaotic results – especially if you're starting with a blank canvas.

Instead, use your Builder to copy and paste blocks of HTML crafted by meticulous, professional designers.

It's like hiring a designer / developer for less than a buck a day.

Here's how SoulSections can help make your designs better.

A robust component library.

Hit the ground running with responsive, built-for-you sections, from navigation bars, to banners, to multiples, to footers.

A souped-up code editor.

Most code editors are built for developers. The SoulSections editor helps you filter your HTML so that it's really easy to edit and understand what's going on.

All the power of Tailwind.

Use a comprehensive, utility-first CSS framework to style anything the way you want it to look: from rows, to columns, to modules, all the way down to text and buttons.

Consistency for the win.

When you're building with a page-builder, it's easy to eyeball colors, spacing, width, etc. Everything we build is designed to fit together nicely, so your designs instantly look better.

SoulMagic 2 - Coming March 2021

Professional-grade animations. Zero JavaScript required.

Bring life to your layouts beyond boring fade-ins. Craft your own responsive, multi-step timelines and apply high-performance animation to everything from dropdowns, to parallax, to pop-ups.