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If your company needs money to grow – or you need financing to acquire a strategic asset – this live webinar could be the most important event of your career. 

Here’s why…

Every idea, project, department, team, and company needs fast access capital to compete and win. No exceptions. 

And if you don’t know how to quickly get your hands on $5m - $25m when you’ve got a small window of opportunity…

How can you really call yourself an entrepreneur or a senior executive in this modern age of industry? 

Until you understand how to ask for money ... you can't.

Today, you might believe that you have the “best company” or the “most impressive product" right now… 

But if you don’t have capital to build, grow, and defend your advantage – and your competition does – you’re going to get smoked. 

The stakes have never been higher than they are right now because -

There’s 2 trillion dollars floating around right now in the capital markets, desperately searching for a place to go… 

You can easily line up millions dollars that want the chance to go ALL- IN on what you’re doing.

But do you know how to ASK them for money?

Because,  if you can’t figure out how to “talk to money” - and convince investors to write you a check, you’re going to miss your once-in-a-decade chance to 

  • Fund your project quickly
  • Hire the best people to work for you
  • Build products that customers want to use and talk about
  • Grow faster than anyone else in your market
  • Exit big … and live to talk about it. 

On this webinar, I’m going to show you exactly how to raise millions of dollars in growth-capital in 90 days …

So you can build a team, project or company that dominates the market.

And I’ll show you how to get that money without…

  • Wasting hundreds of cold calls, sending a 1,000 blind emails and doing “check ins” with people who aren’t interested in what you do…
  • Throwing away your “one-shot” best relationships trying to figure out how to explain what you do
  • Exposing all your secrets to someone acting like an “investor” but has no money
  • Taking investors to high-status lunches at Spago, only to be told a few weeks later “we’re focusing our existing deals right now”...

Once you get an investor interested ...

  • DON'T GET INSULTED by lowball offers that are meant to intimidate you and your company.
  • STAY AWAY from  personal guarantees with predatory repayment terms (and those pesky liquidation preferences.)
  • AVOID SACRIFICING your dignity by taking money from people you know you shouldn’t (but you pretty much have to)
  • SAY NO TO ANY "DEAL WITH THE DEVIL" -- investors seeking to control your business strategy, your budget, and your life. 

2022 is going to be a huge year. Personally, I’m on track to have my best year yet with my team…

And I want to show you how to clip in the “missing piece” you need – how to raise $5-25m of capital in 90 days or less – so you can make this year your best year yet too.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you this is “easy”... but if you’re willing to put in the work to learn how to pitch, Oren Klaff style, everything else you’re trying to accomplish in life will become that much easier. 

Block off an hour of your day on May 4th, 2022 at 10am PST to come learn something that could literally change your life. 

See you then. 

-Oren Klaff

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