Early Access

Get ‘early access’ to the newest, bleeding-edge versions of SoulSections and SoulMagic before I offer the plugins to the general public in April 2021.

I’ve been using the plugins in live production sites for a few months now, and I believe that they’re ready to start providing value to people who want to ship better work.

Before you buy, please take note of the following:

  • These tools are intended for people who have a familiarity with HTML (even if it's very light, you don't have to be an expert). If you've never used HTML before, or you have no interest in working with code, they're probably not for you.
  • SoulSections v3 and SoulMagic v2 are complete rewrites, not upgrades, of their predecessors. Please consider them entirely separate plugins from SoulSections v2 and SoulMagic v1.
  • SoulSections uses the wonderful TailwindCSS framework for styling elements, in order to help enforce a consistent design system and give you the tools to build anything you want. Of course, you're encouraged to sprinkle your own CSS on top of the framework as needed. You won't find colorpickers, TinyMCE buttons, or any other form elements for doing inline styling in SoulSections.
  • Because of the way that WordPress themes impose default styles on the layouts that they render, we encourage everyone learning SoulSections to try the bare-bones SoulTheme as a starting point. The SoulTheme is a free, ultra-minimal theme that was designed to 'let the plugins do the styling' instead of making assumptions about how you want the design to look.
  • Any other pre-sale questions? Shoot Dave an email.

Buying Options

Purchase plugins individually or for a reduced bundle price. Use the plugins on unlimited sites, and auto-updates & support for a year from your purchase date.

SoulSections for Beaver Builder.

The Tailwind-powered code editor for Beaver Builder that you can use to build anything on your site.

SoulMagic for WordPress.

Sequence jaw-dropping animations on scroll, click, and hover, without needing to work with JavaScript.

SoulSections & SoulMagic together.

Get both of the Soul Plugins for a bundled price.