Post-op nutrition & mind coaching for women

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Why Make!tPop?

Most women who undergo cosmetic surgery are NOT prepared for the aftereffects.

It's time to make sure that they are.

Our program was designed to truly empower women through education and resources, giving them the support they deserve, so they can see the results they envisioned.


About the business

60% of women post-operation aren't given the tools and education needed to fully prepare for the lifestyle changes that are necessary for a successful recovery post surgery.

The "DO NOT EAT" list simply does not cover it. As an out-patient, being provided a list for recovery doesn't overhaul the years of habits that lead them to surgery to begin with. Without proper support, anxiety and depression can increase as women try to navigate the unpredictable thoughts and emotions associated with the physical change in their bodies.

Necessary guidance for a healthy recovery is typically not provided in house from the doctors office. This has created a need from women post-operation who feel they don't have the proper tools to support their recovery process. This is why we have created Make!tPop.


Make!tPop is a post-operation service designed to help women thrive in the area that usually brings the most hardship.

We are here to help guide the healing process and to teach the best methodologies to adapt to a new healthy lifestyle.

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3 months of nutritional supplements, 1-on-1 nutritional coaching, and customized recipes from the approved foods list curated through an organic and vegan based supplement program approved by the doctor. Once given the go-ahead, 1-on-1 consultations will also be provided with an online trainer to boost your exercise.

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Mind Coaching & Sustainability

Navigate through the many thoughts and feelings uncovered after surgery with 3 months of weekly mind coaching.

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Supportive Community

This community is a realistic, positive, safe place to express the up and down emotions that are natural during post surgery. Gather tips and advice from women who have already been where the patient currently is at.

Let’s get started.

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