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Buy the Plugins


Sequence jaw-dropping animations on scroll, click, and hover, without needing to work with JavaScript.


The Tailwind-powered code editor for Beaver Builder that you can use to build anything on your site.

SoulMagic & SoulSections

Get both of the Soul Plugins for a bundled price.

The Soul Bundle

The quickest way to get up to speed with the Soul Plugins. I’ll install the Soul Plugins on an environment of your choice (including a configuration of SoulType, my responsive type system). An $850 value of time and materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I use the plugins on unlimited sites?

Yep. I used to do tiered pricing by number of sitesbut that’s kind of a hassle. So have at it, build a multisite, go nuts. 

Is this an auto-recurring subscription?

Surprise: it’s not.

Soul Plugins are valuable and I charge a fair price for them, but the last thing I want is for you to get auto-billed several hundred bucks because you missed an email or forgot to cancel a subscription. We’re all swamped these days, right? 

I trust you to renew your license after a year if you’re still getting value from the plugins. And I consider it my responsibility to make sure you’re consistently getting that value, month after month.

An active license is required for automatic updates, support, access to social groups, etc. 

Is there a renewal discount?

Yes. 20% after a year.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. I’ll refund your purchase if it’s requested within 14 days.